New Hydraulic Vibratory Trench Roller Compresses Asphalt, Soil, and Gravel Efficiently

2023-03-30 07:32:27 By : Ms. Ivy Zhao
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The Mechanical Kingdom has recently launched an innovative product in the market- the ride-on hydraulic vibratory trench roller, RWYL92. This incredible machine has been specifically designed to compress asphalt, sand soil, and gravel. It is also widely used to compress tracks in schools and planish lawns.
3 Ton Bigger Trench Roller, Ride on Hydraulic Vibratory Trench Roller, - Mechanical Kingdom

The RWYL92 is the latest model of light-duty rollers in the domestic market. It offers exceptional performance with its double motors drive, hydraulic steering, and vibration. The fully hydraulic roller has an imported Poclain hydraulic variable plunger pump, which drives the machine's stepless speed walking.

The front drum of the machine is driven by an imported Permco hydraulic motor and is responsible for vibration. The RWYL92 also has two wheels that are driven by imported Poclain motors. The automatic brake system in the machine ensures maximum safety during its operation. It also comes with an integrated microcomputer control plate that offers features like operation, monitoring, and alarm.

The RWYL92 is an incredible machine that offers exceptional performance with its advanced features. The ride-on hydraulic vibratory trench roller technology makes compaction tasks more comfortable and more efficient to perform. This machine is ideal for multiple tasks and is perfect for various construction sites.

The RWYL92's key features are its hydraulic vibratory roller technology, which provides effective compaction and increased productivity. The machine's compact size and maneuverability make it convenient to operate even in tight spaces. The automatic brake system ensures maximum safety, making it a must-have machine for all construction sites.

In conclusion, the RWYL92 ride-on hydraulic vibratory trench roller is an exceptional machine that offers a wide range of features. Its compact size, hydraulic steering, and advanced vibration technology make it the perfect pick for compaction tasks. The Mechanical Kingdom has certainly given the market a game-changer with this innovative machine. Whether it's asphalt, sand soil, or gravel, the RWYL92 is the perfect tool for your site.